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Packages consist of a series of hands on Tidying Sessions where we collaboratively work together. Together we transform your home into a space of calm, one category at a time.  

All packages start in the order of:

Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono (miscellaneous) and Sentimental Items.  We focus on identifying and keeping only the items that "spark joy" for you.  

After that, we work on storing and organizing everything so it's easy to access.  

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Starter Package

The Starter Package includes five half days (3-hours each) of in-home organizing. Great for small homes or single people. Perfect for those who work on their own to finish up a category after each meeting.  $1,500 


Standard Package

The Standard Package includes ten half days at 3-hours each (30 hours total) to use towards in home organizing. It's a suitable package for most people who live in average size family homes. Perfect for those who need a little help between categories. 



Platinum Package

The Platinum Package includes 50 hours of organizing. It’s suitable for people who live in larger homes. Works well for those with family that would like to participate or those who aren't able to do any homework in between lessons. *Hours can be shared between family members



Virtual Coaching Package

The Virtual Coaching Package includes a coaching call for each of the 5 categories. Perfect for self-motivators.  This package offers coaching to get started and an accountability partner along the way.


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