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Make getting ready in the morning easier with our Fashion & Closet Edit + Style and Wardrobe Advice


How it works:


1.) We will handle your clothes using Marie Kondo's "joy checks" method and keeping only items that bring you joy.


2.) After "joy checks" we will slim down your wardrobe even further...with the idea in mind of a style edit...leaning almost to a "capsule wardrobe" (if interested) where items are easily mixed and matched to create several outfits.


3.) We then go back to Marie Kondo's methods of closet organizing and folding.


Why this works?

Anna combines her Marine Kondo training with her expertise of working more than 20 years in the fashion industry.



Just because 10 pairs of leggings all bring you joy... there are only 7 days in a week.


(Includes up to 6 hours)



Closet Edit + Style and Wardrobe Advice

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