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Why Tidying Will Help Your Holiday Run Smoothly

10 reasons you should start your Marie Kondo Tidying Festival now

Believe me, it's worth it

The holidays may very well be "the most wonderful time of the year", but for some it really is the most stressful time of the year. The combination of in-laws visiting, cooking difficult recipes, decorating, the pressure of finding the perfect gift and having a clean house can make the most chill woman a little bit batty.

That is why it's a great choice to start your Tidy Festival now.

#1 - You help the less fortunate

When my clients keep only what "sparks joy" for them they typically end up with bags and bags of items (more like carloads) to get rid of. It's a win win win. Here's why... many people shop for Christmas gifts at secondhand shops. When you donate an item that no longer sparks joy for you it goes on to spark joy for others. The person shopping for a moderately priced gift finds joy because that gift was there for them to buy. It would still be sitting in the back of your closet sparking joy for no one if you hadn't donated it. You not only sparked joy for that person, but also the recipient of that gift. You're happy, the buyer is happy, and the recipient is happy.

#2 - You teach your kids to give

Many of my clients have told me during our first session that part of the reason they hired me and felt ready to start their tidying journey was because they were serious about setting a good example for their children. The tidy festival not only shows children the basics of keeping only what a person needs and loves, but is also an example of sharing and giving.

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” — Marie Kondo

#3 - You get ahead of the stress

Even in the most perfect of situations, the holidays- sooner or later can bring some sort of stress. After a tidy festival you have more order and calm in your life. Cleaning is now easier, as is cooking. Stressful situations are a bit more easy to navigate. Setting up a guest room isn't a big deal when it's no longer the catchall for clutter.

#4 - You make space to decorate

If you have stuff everywhere, where do you even put the Christmas tree? Ok, maybe that's an extreme example, but you know what I mean. Can you find the Christmas lights? Are they a tangled mess? Can you get to your Christmas decorations, or are they behind a bunch of junk? Your pretty decorations will be that much better if your eyes aren't distracted by clutter surrounding it.

Marie Kondo Tidy Festival organizing before the holidays

#5 - You make room for gifts

I don't mean just under the tree, but also everywhere else. Think about you know what you want or need for Christmas? A tidy festival can help show you that you have 5 black leggings but you really want...bright pink leggings. Now you know what to ask for. Not only that, but you have space. When your garage is clean you can fit the new lawn mower in it. You make space for the new. Same goes with your wardrobe, if you have room you can fit your new jeans in the drawer. Meaningful gifts no longer add to the clutter. "one in one out" (and hopefully less "in")

#6 - You avoid duplicate purchases

Here's an example. Picture you and your kids. You told them you were all going to make Christmas cookies this weekend. It's now Saturday morning and you have no clue where you put the cookie cutters. The kids are bummed so what do you do? You drive to Target and buy more. During a tidy festival it's normal for me to hear "oh that's where that was"... and then the story about how the client now has two or three of the item that was originally lost.

#7 - Your post holiday clean up is easier

Putting things away is much easier when everything has a space. You know exactly what's what. You not only know what bin the ornaments go in, but also where the bin goes. Since you worked hard on your Komono areas there is no more clutter sitting in front of where your containers need to go. You're also less likely to damage items when they are put away correctly.

#8 - You find meaningful items to share

When I made it to the last section of my own tidy festival (sentimental) I found something that I thought was lost forever. It was a really beautiful photo of a childhood pet who recently passed away. The photo was from years and years ago before everyone had a digital camera or cell phone. My mom thought the photo was gone for good. When I found it during my tidy festival I knew I had a very special Christmas gift to give my mom.

#9 - Your energy will be focused on meaningful activities

The time spent looking for keys, untangling lights, and trying to find the shirt you want to wear (that's buried under a pile of clothes) can now be spent doing something memorable and important. 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there of searching and aggravation can add up to time spent on other things that are a little more important. It really does add up.

#10 - You start the new year off right

Finally, having your house in order starts the year off right. Think of all the other things you can think about and do when you no longer have to worry about things like clutter. What other goals can you achieve? What friends can you see? How can you be better at your job? When you find calmness in design it carries over to other areas of your life.

You've got this

Ready to get started? Now is the perfect time. Need a little assistance? Book a consultation call to find out if Calmness in Design can help you with your tidy festival. We provide virtual and in person organizing. Click here to book a call now.


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