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What the heck is a Tidying Festival?

Perhaps you've heard the term "Tidying Festival" before, or maybe this is the first time.

So what is a Tidying Festival?

The term "Tidy Festival" was created by the world famous Marie Kondo.

She believes home organization works best when it's done in a very specific manner. So the term "Tidy Festival" is the act of organizing your home, in order, category by category.

What are the categories?

The Tidy Festival categories are

1.) clothing

2.) books

3.) papers

4.) komono (aka misc. stuff)

5.) sentimental items.

How is it done?

A Tidying Festival is really quite simple!

Start with the first category and don't move to the second category until you finish the one before it.

Pro tip: organize your own items.

Need a little help with your own Tidying Festival?

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