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Hi everyone, I'm Anna!  

I want to help you find calmness in design.

Why?  Because I know that how your home looks, feels, and functions impacts every part of your life.

I love helping people organize their lives.  I believe when a person's life is organized, it then gives them the luxury of relaxing, having fun, or working on new goals.

A little about me:

When I'm not working I enjoy travel, art, design, dogs, flower gardening, spending time with my husband/family/friends, and occasionally enjoy cooking.
I have a great time at basketball games and I love pbs as much as I love trash tv.  
The past few years I've been learning how to play golf and recently tried skiing for the first time. I have fun playing chess, but usually never win a game against my husband.

I have a degree in Visual Art and a minor in Art Criticism.
I've worked on fixing up many old houses and have taken thousands of hours of visual art, interior design, fashion, organizing, and art history classes.  

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