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It's difficult to decorate a cluttered house

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I'm Anna

Owner of A Kate Design LLC

I studied under the Marie Kondo / KonMari Consultant program.


I believe your home is your sanctuary.

I also believe everyone deserves to live in a home where walking through the door makes them sigh with relief instead of stressing them out.

Get the life you envision.

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Calmness in Design


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Signature Services starting at $1,450

These are services where we work together organizing various categories of your clutter.  This is not a bandaid, and is not about buying containers.  

This is a change in lifestyle, habits, and thinking.

Virtual Servicestarting at $270!

Clothes Hanging

I loved working with Anna. She was both friendly and professional and majorly transformed my closets and how I organize my clothes. I could have never done this without her. I love the way my drawers look when I open them! My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner becuase it makes my space feel so light and clean. Going through all your clothes at one time is a daunting task but Anna made it fun and easy. We accomplished a lot in our time together.



I am a self-proclaimed "minimalist" with a desire to feel like I live in an Air Bnb, with just the right amount of "stuff".  The problem is, I'm a bit disorganized. Anna is a wizard at finding spaces overlooked for storage.  She has an artistic eye and even made my cleaning rags look pretty! 

She is patient and made suggestions, never pressuring me to get rid of anything.  Anna asks good questions that helped move me to make decisions that would have otherwise been difficult to make.  She is action-oriented, giving me the perfect amount of time to make decisions then act on them.  There were days I felt I hadn't made much progress with my homework but Anna always highlighted the growth I made, which fueled me to do more.

The tidying festival brought me so much more than I expected. I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of each day we worked together.  I was calmer, I felt clear-minded, and had a great sense of satisfaction. 

I thought I was a minimalist, but I managed to find so many small things I either forgot I had or didn't know I had.  Photos of my deceased family members, school work from my elementary school years, and little treasures I hid away in a box that lived in the basement for years.  I enjoyed sharing some of the items with my family, which provided good laughs and new jokes, and then I was able to part with the items I'd saved for decades. 

The most rewarding room we tidied was my kitchen.  I would never have thought to reorganize drawers and cabinets the way we did had Anna not guided me to think about "efficiency and convenience".  I no longer pull a stack of heavy mixing bowls off the top shelf, nor have to walk across the room from the stove to get a plate.  It is so much more enjoyable even making school lunches for my kids!  

Overall, the tidying festival was hard work, but more rewarding than I could have imagined.  I feel pride, peace, and truly enjoy my home in a way I never have. Anna is extremely skilled, has a natural knack for organization and making things looks beautiful, and gently guided me in so many ways.  Not to mention, I think she'd be a great interior designer, job/life coach, and counselor!  

Thank you so much, Anna. With so much gratitude,xoxo


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